The Sherkow Center Method

The Sherkow Center provides intensive individualized psychotherapies to help children with autism spectrum and other developmental differences.

We recognize that early genetic and neurobiologic factors strain parent-child bonding, and thereby contribute to anxiety, frustration and maladaptive behaviors. Our multi-focused interventions are directed at the relational, cognitive, and emotional aspects of the child and the parent-child relationship. In this way, we seek to foster the conditions at home, at school, and in the social milieu that will optimize each child’s emotional and behavioral growth.

At the Sherkow Center, the therapeutic relationship is the intervention. We consider each child’s unique development. We attend to the child’s deepest wishes, fears and anxieties. We get to know how they relate to each of their family members. We continually work to understand each child’s unique story.

This deep relational approach is what sets us apart. Most importantly, our method enables us to make meaning out of the child’s seemingly meaningless words and behaviors. We use this understanding to connect the child’s thinking brain with their emotional brain. We then help the child connect their thoughts and emotions with their intentions, a vital step towards feeling in control. Feeling in control in turn calms the child’s anxiety. This integration of the child’s thoughts, emotions and intentions enables parents to better understand their child. With this understanding, the parents’ anxiety also relaxes. With less anxiety in the parent-child relationship, parents more confidently and effectively care for their child.

This is how, at the Sherkow Center, relationships are at the core of our approach. This is how the Sherkow Center Method helps children accept themselves and connect with the ones they love.

Dr. Sherkow knew that for Andrew to have a positive view of himself in this world, he needed to know he could rely on me. She helped me be the confident mother Andrew needed and now we’re on track. Thank you Dr. Sherkow for restoring my motherhood and helping my son.”
— Tracy Nixon, Parent

Our Services

  • Individual psychotherapy and psychoanalysis

  • Parent-infant psychotherapy

  • Spark youth group for children to socialize with neurotypical peers

  • Customized individual and group services for children, adolescents, parents, and families

  • Developmental, cognitive and autism diagnostic observation schedule (ADOS) evaluations

  • In-school observations and school consultations

  • Training for educators and mental health professionals

  • Home based play services

Who We Treat

People of all ages from infancy through adulthood who have autism spectrum disorder and other developmental differences.